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01.02.2011 FS EXCLUSIVE SCATTER MIX PACK - INCLUDES SIZES SS6 - SS30 MIXED TOGETHER IN A 50 GRAM PACK.  This mix was created as a fundraising effort for the enRICH Program. Enrich will provide employment and additional support services to people with alternative resumes in Richmond, KY. Enrich has established and will maintain a dialogue between families, spiritual organizations, and governmental partners to coordinate and operationalize the most effective outreach methods for the community they serve. 10% of proceeds from this mix will go directly to this organization. Learn more about the Enrich Project here. We recommend 3-4 packs for a 20oz skinny. Pro tip: If you're using these to bling a tumbler, get a pack of SS3 or multi-size pack stones to match the mix to fill in your spaces for a full and rich looking scatter method tumbler. 

Flynn Sister’s glass rhinestones are premium quality, non-hot fix, flat back stones that can be applied using any of your favorite adhesives. Colors may vary slightly by lot and size in rare instances. “AB” is an iridescent coating that adds a beautiful color shift. Although our stones are premium quality, AB and metallic coating are prone to wear or damage over time. We package our rhinestones in resealable bags by weight, then quantity, so the actual number of pieces you will receive is a very close approximation. Individual size packs are 10 gross (~1440 stones). SS30 individual size packs are 2 gross (~288) unless otherwise specified).


Multi-size packs include sizes SS3, SS5, SS6, SS8, SS10, and SS12. There are 2 gross (~288 stones) in each size making the total amount for each pack 10 gross (~1440 stones).


Scatter Mix packs include sizes SS6 - SS30 and are sold in 50 gram packs. 


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