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  • How soon will my order ship?
    It will take us 2 -3 BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER. "Business days" does not include holidays or weekends. This doesn't include how long it takes the post office TO SHIP your order. Priority shipping typically takes 2-3 business days and Ground shipping can take 3-7 business days. Ground shipping is not insured but it is significantly cheaper. Please note that shipping times can vary during holidays, inclement weather, etc. We're not responsible for how quickly the post office delivers your package. All orders of $260 or more from first time customers will require verification via text/email. If we're not able to verify your order within 5 business days the order will be canceled and refunded.
  • My order says it was delivered but it's not here.
    Please contact USPS and file a lost package claim. Then contact us at with your order number and USPS claim number. FS SUPPLY SHOP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES. WE WILL NOT REPLACE OR REFUND LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES. We also can not assist you in filing a service request for the lost package.
  • My order is damaged and/or incomplete. What should I do?
    Please contact us at so we can make it right! Please be sure to do so within 48 hours of delivery and include photos.
  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason please contact us at and we will do what we can to make it right.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds, returns or exchanges. If you're unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us at
  • Why does my order need to be verified? Why are you texting me?
    All orders of $260 or more from first time customers will require verification via text/email. If we're not able to verify your order within 5 business days the order will be canceled and refunded.
  • Do you ship international or to Canada?
    Unfortunately, no we do not. We can only ship within the US at this time.
  • Can I add on to my order after it's been placed?
    Due to expected high volumes, we're not able to edit, cancel or add to an order after it's been placed.
  • Who are the Flynn Sisters?
    Our 2 daughters and over the years, our community has developed into a beautiful sisterhood.
  • Do you sell your tumblers?
    No, I haven't sold my work in years. We give them all away to friends and FSX members.
  • Why is there a lot of bubbles in my epoxy after I mix it?
    Try warming parts A and B before mixing on either a heat mat or warm water bath. You can also let your epoxy sit for 3-5 mins after mixing to allow it to release some of those bubbles. Using an artist torch or heat gun will help pop any bubbles on your tumbler after it's been applied.
  • What is the temp resistance of this epoxy?
    The temperature resistance is 500F. Optimal temps for your work space is 70-85F.
  • My epoxy is still sticky after 24 hours. What do I do?
    This is almost always due to an error in mixing (not mixed enough) or your ratios were off. On rare occasions it can be due to an extremely cold work space. Sand the sticky layer completely off if possible, clean away all debris with dish soap and water, dry thoroughly and coat again.
  • What is the dry time on the FS Artist Cure formula?
    Dry time is around 6-8 hours (ready for a second coat) and full cure time is 72 hours. Keep your work space between 70-85F for optimal dry times.
  • Is there UV protection in the FS Artist Cure epoxy?
    YES! Lots of it! Flynn Sisters Artist Cure formula has unparalleled yellowing protection with plenty of UV and HALS stabilizers. All epoxy will yellow over time, but you can rest assured that our Artist formula will keep your designs bright and beautiful for years to come.
  • How should I measure this epoxy?
    FS Artist Cure should be measured by equal parts of A and B by volume. You could measure by weight but please understand that the density between 2 parts is different.
  • What is the VOC rating of this epoxy?
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are solvents that get released into the air as some epoxy resins cure. Flynn Sisters Artist Cure epoxy has little to no VOC's. Proper PPE and adequate ventilation are still required. Part A and Part B on their own contain NO VOC's. All 2 part epoxy resins will release harmful vapors once mixed and during the curing process which is why PPE and adequate ventilation is always recommended.
  • Is FS Artist Cure epoxy FDA Compliant
    Yes and it is also third party certified to ensure your safety. SDS is available upon request by emailing
  • Where can I find the SDS for this product?
    You can find it here or you can email us at
  • I had an allergic reaction to your epoxy, what should I do?
    First, you should contact your doctor and stop using all epoxy products immediately. Also ensure that you're using the recommend PPE and safety equipment (organic vapor respirator, adequate ventilation, nitrile gloves, long sleeve shirt and pants). Flynn Sisters Premium Epoxy is formulated and tested with safety as our number one priority. Our products are third party tested and certified, and FDA compliant. We will not refund customers who have allergic reactions to our epoxy resins. We are not liable for damages or injuries that occur from unsafe handling of our products.
  • Are these glass or resin stones?
    We only offer high quality, glass rhinestones at this time. Our flatback pearls are plastic.
  • Are these hot fix rhinestones?
    No, we don't offer any hot fix rhinestones. All of our stones can be applied with your favorite adhesives.
  • Can you use FS Artist Cure to apply your rhinestones?
    No. Our epoxies are meant for tumblers and resin crafts.
  • What does AB mean?
    The AB coating is an iridescent, rainbow-like coating that mimics the northern lights and can be applied as on top of any standard color rhinestone.
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